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The Southeast Asian logistics real estate market is well-positioned to benefit from the growing demands for warehousing facilities, which is driven by the region’s thriving e-commerce sales. Censuria private equity fund is a logistics real estate investment fund that is dedicated to investing in warehousing facilities across Southeast Asia.

We invest in warehouses with strong rental income and excellent capital gain potential. We also select warehousing facilities that are suitable for co-warehousing development. With a regional focus, we empower our tenants to spread their wings throughout the region and provide an attractive, secure and thriving income for our investors as their businesses grow and enjoy the fruit of capital appreciation.

Our primary focus at Censuria is to create growing capital value and sustainable rental income through core & core plus strategy, by buying high-quality warehousing facilities that are tenanted by reputable logistics companies.

In addition to that, we also seek value-added opportunities to enhance our portfolio’s capital value and rental income stream through the transformation of our warehouses into modern and technologically-sophisticated co-warehousing facilities.

Our Investment Strategy

At Censuria, our team of professionals are equipped with the experience and expertise to grow a well-diversified asset portfolio, while prudently applying leverage to increase returns. We strive to deliver our objective using two key investment strategies:

  • 80% on core & core-plus strategy, that forms the bedrock of our portfolio. We use the most conservative leverage and invest in less risky warehouses. These warehouses are typically facilities that are strategically located in areas with strong transport connections. The warehouses are also let on long leases to tenants who have excellent reputation and financial stability. By acquiring high-quality warehouses with excellent tenants, we aim to deliver a robust, low-risk and growing income stream that supports a progressive target dividend.
  • 20% on a value-added strategy that evolves our warehouses into technologically-sophisticated co-warehousing facilities with drone deliveries, robotics application and/or other logistics innovation that offers a scalable, flexible and cost-effective warehousing solution to our tenants, enhancing their competitive edge. Co-warehousing is a trend that can potentially achieve exponential growth in both rental income as well as capital gains for our portfolio.

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Censuria is a private equity management corporation registered with Securities Commission Malaysia under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Registration No. C/A0003/PEMC/2020

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