Investing in eCommerce

With the global economy weakening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across all industries have all been swept with uncertainties. However, one of the few industries that see the potential to rise above the rest is eCommerce. As the world conforms to a new normal, eCommerce has become an indispensable aspect in our modern lives. In the business world, eCommerce currently holds unprecedented investment opportunities that are immensely diverse and all-encompassing.

In our effort to pivot into eCommerce investment, we seek to acquire or invest in eCommerce enablers with clearly identifiable core competencies, proprietary solutions, scalable potential and regional or global market reach.

Investment Focus

We invest into businesses led by experienced technopreneurs who are building innovative eCommerce solutions focused on serving the Southeast Asian market. In particular, we are looking for businesses that provide key infrastructures supporting the eCommerce industry such as:

Digital Marketing

KOL Management

Live Commerce

Multi Vendor Platform

Digital Wallet

Last Mile Delivery

Virtual Reality

Big Data & IT


Investment Criteria

At Censuria, we believe certain characteristics are critical for a business to be sustainable. Therefore, when evaluating potential investment opportunities, we apply the following criteria:
    1. The market opportunity being addressed and the potential for the business to significantly grow.
    2. Annual revenue of at least MYR 5 million.
    3. Quality, passion, commitment and integrity from the founders.
    4. A capable management team with domain expertise.
    5. Opportunities that can be accelerated with support from us.
    6. The business should be able to achieve profitability independently.
    7. Merger or acquisition is an acceptable exit plan.
    8. An appropriate valuation with reasonable terms.
We may be the sole investor in the early rounds or we may co-invest along with other investments firms in a larger round.

Deck Requirements

If you are ready to pitch your business, please send us a deck that includes:
    1. A clear description of what makes your business unique.
    2. The problem that it is solving for the eCommerce industry.
    3. Market size, growth and scalability.
    4. Revenue or business model.
    5. Description of your products or services.
    6. Team description with background and expertise.
    7. Financials and forecasts.
    8. Funding plan.
Startup Incubation

If you are not ready to pitch your business, we welcome you to connect with us too! At Censuria, we focus on delivering not only capital but also startup incubation.

We have a team of experienced and talented mentors that can support you to tackle the challenges that you face in growing your eCommerce startup. These challenges could include corporate planning, business development, financial assistance, technical, networking, legal, among other things.

Ready to explore further? Please contact us now!

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