Dr Oh Ei Sun

Dr Oh Ei Sun
Senior Partner, Chief Strategist

Dr Oh is a senior partner of the firm. He is responsible for advising the management team on developing, communicating, executing and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives.

Previously, Dr Oh worked in the European headquarters of the United Nations as well as the International Telecommunication Union, both in Geneva, Switzerland, and was instrumental in ensuring the smooth adoption of the 1998 Tampere Convention (Treaty) on Emergency Telecommunications.

Dr Oh was also senior research fellow and lecturer for various public and private universities in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia and the United States. Apart from that, he has also been an avid commentator and columnist on politics, economics and current affairs for various international media.

Dr Oh earned his Juris Doctor degree (Law and Policy), Master in Business Administration, M.Sc. (Engineering), B.Sc.(Mechanical Engineering), B.Sc. (Aeronautical Science and Engineering), and B.A. (German), all from the University of California, United States. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) by the T.Y.T. Governor of Sabah, and is a council member of the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association.

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